April 25, 2006

Kal aaj aur kal

I was reading an article in the Times today which talked about celebrity parents. The article talked about lavish treatments of new born babies by their superstar moms ranging from Madonna to Britney to our very own Madhuri and Kajol. All the moms were beaming after giving birth to their children and were unduly showering them with extravagance and attention. Cut to real life too I see examples of doting parents derieving pleasure in watching their younger counter parts grow. It's a common sight to see parents sporting their child's photo on the computer desktop. Probably my parents too were delighted in watching me grow up and hence had my photo enlarged in their album albeit not in my dad's office. Most of the celebrity moms jeopardized their careers to take up full time motherhood (ok atleast a few were in the peak of the careers like Kajol.) That makes me think do children return the love and care showered upon them by their parents ? We see so many examples in our family or in the neighborhood where old parents are abandoned to deal alone with their decrepitude. Do you have your dad's photo on your desktop ? Do you take his videos and stealthily watch it just to be close to him even at workplace ? Would you take a break in your career to take care of your ill mom ? Would you sacrifice a good dress for yourself in exchange of a good saree for your mom ? Do you remember your parents' birthdays and save your salary for months to get them what they've longed for ? Would you hestitate in washing your mother's vomitting if she falls sick and remain awake by her bedside all night to comfort her ? Would they be the sole mission of your life as you had been for them ? All this sounds weird no ? Well why wasnt it weird when parents did this for us ? Isnt love about returning what we've got ? As people grow up and turn parents the focus of their life shifts to their next generation shamelessly forgetting the sacrifices of the generation gone.
' Kal ne hume humaara aaj diya hai aur kal hum us kal ko bhool kar ek naye kal ko apni zindagi maanenge ' .
Oh Lord give me all strength I dont ever want to slip and fall into this lot.


Nishit said...

Right time to say right prayer. May God bless all to remember our bringings.

On other note, not by experience, but deep inside my heart I feel that for some starting years, if not all, parents feel what is known as true love, selfless love. I am not saying it starts growing selfish by time, but when we start growing up naturally they start building some expectations, which I strongly feel, are our responsibility to satisfy. Those early parenting years must be our one of the few chance to feel near to GOD. Hope we spend those as blessing and not disguise

Pallavi said...

What ever you said is simply true. Even I wonder how a person changes like that (I am including mine too. Sometimes, I think that I am not taking care of my parents much :( )