November 23, 2005

Time of my Life

Have you ever witnessed that while listening to a song that you had heard years before you get transported into the same frame of feelings that you had experienced before ? I have experienced it very often. Probably due to my habit of listening to a song in infinite loop until I get bored, every song demarcates an epoch and also wraps around itself my feelings during that epoch and ornates itself with some bitter sweet experiences of that period. And when I listen to the song again after some months, the excitement, the apprehensions and the emotions get unveiled. Its like some Peter Piper petrifying me and alluring me to the same far-off foreign land!
Yesterday while listenening to 'Meine Dil Se Kaha' from Rog I was mesmerized and found myself striking colorful familiar feelings of the defining epoch. It was a very cold January winter Kanpur night when Aditya had given me this song to listen to and had said that his sister liked it very much. I very religiously listened to it that time. Yesterday, I could feel blood gushing down my veins and before my eyes I could reminiscence melodrama of that time. It was a mixed bag of exhilaration and apprehension due to the "happenings" during that phase. Man! It was a different world and I felt great to revisit it.

November 10, 2005

For the heck of it....

Yea I am indeed posting today just for the heck of it!

Trying hard to capture

the moment this morning I don't know
As I dream about movies

they won't make of me when I'm dead

I am just looking for some reasons to write a blog, so here's my list of 10 reasons why I should blog -
1. Me is alive and kicking(my own foot) after a great vacation at home, wherein I just did the mundane stuff - eating a lot and sleeping a lot !
2. I have had a holy haircut - holy because my hair now looks like a halo on my head.
3. Today is Friday the 11th (well if I add 2 more days it would have been the much feared friday the 13th)
4. My weight has reduced by 0.002 kgs and I am feeling much lighter.
5. The color of my mousepad is purple.
6. I have enough work to do hence I am pondering about some automated way of writing scripts without typing them.
7. The tubelight right above my head is on.
8. I just drank some water.
9. huff those are my 10 reasons (well almost!)