November 03, 2006

The unspoken

Some words are unspoken
As ineffable is the joy
If you seek to find meaning
Look into the bearer's eye
When words fail to stand by you
Your tears cannot lie

Some words are unspoken
As the parlance stymies your try
The misunderstanding, the distress and the confusion
Leaves you high and dry
That others you trusted cannot fathom
And you founder to find out why

Some words are unspoken
As there is no shoulder to cry
There is no dearth of people around you
But a friendly hand is not nearby
Such words cause a wistful desire
But fade away as time goes by

Some words are unspoken
As the listener has kissed you goodbye
No money no power can restitute
No divine intervention can try
Such words remain with you lifelong
Until when you die

November 01, 2006

Don don don

Yea I know everybody has watched it or read the reviews by now. But I-have-an-opinion and I will blog it too!
First things first. To enjoy the movie dont make any comparisons with the classic AB don. Only AB can carry two contrasting characters of Vijay and Don with poise - no sorry Shahrukh but you cant, you dint. I personally being a fan of AB movies of the 70s era find any imitation of his burlesque. Another point to enjoy is to have a short term memory just like the director. He has made the difference between the 2 characters so barely discerning that you tend to presume Don is Vijay or Vijay is Don. Another thing is dont expect an intricate plot, rather dont expect a plot. Characters are poorly developed and thrown at random on the viewer. And lastly dont go by the name - nobody in the movie comes close to being called a don. The most outrageous one is Singhania ofcourse who is supposed to be Don's Godfather. But a noble lesson that I learned from the movie is that girls have access to the most intimidating dons even when the hapless police are baffled by them time and again! Dawood Ibrahim, here I come...
No that doesnt mean I did not enjoy the movie. The best part of the movie is the climax, well no kidding. Also the background score adds to its appeal. Shahrukh looks the most impressive in his I-am-Don I-care-a-damn I-am-cool disposition in the fisrt half. I simply adored his dialogue - 'Romantic baatein mujhe boring lagti hai'. Probably because of my predilection towards men on screen who have the gumption to say that and condone a sexy babe (a la Client Eastwood in his many movies). While talking of such babes - Kareena manages to look her fattiest best - the way she shakes her heavy frame in ye mera dil only makes you wonder why the roof dint fall! But Priyanka looks svelte with oomphs and oodles. Yea yea I know she is sexy and I hate her. Well dint I tell you that I hate sexy girls! Nevertheless, Shahrukh as Don is by far very impressive as compared to the underplayed Vijay whose character was very poorly developed by the director. Worth a dekho for the miniscule antics of Shahrukh and the climax.