March 22, 2007

Can't stop this thing we started...

I'm going home today to finally settle my most thought about event in the past few months !

Invitations :

March 03, 2007

Shady speaketh

Shady unravled the source code of life,
And I was amused by his sarcastic knife!
His words were live and rife
And for that I give Shady a hi-five!

More shady speaketh at :

Clauses of Ifs and Buts,
With salutation of Gotos
My life is a comment of #TODOs

Classes of Java that seems so true
Even abstracts the shit out of you
Methods, consistent, pure as morning dew
Hats to polymorphism that cooks a great stew
Why Life not a JVM, i humbly rue
No thread pool coming my view

All i see is run time exception
Running towards me from all direction
There she leaves me, my only attraction
Cast by a class of Gender objection
Limitless overflows in my math projection
Preposterous this is, my head falls in rejection

The syntax errors i see, is my failure
Seg faults hits me like the sword of cavalier
Press F8 or F9 it falls on deaf ear
Debug how hard i might, it leaves me in tear
Undo the bad, Good how to redo, my dear

A million line code this life has become
Scattered in 100 files, way too cumbersome
How do i compile, i cant figure how to link
my life is at stake, my existence at brink

I wish i were like an open source Project ..
At the mercy of engineers and architect
They would have versonized and made me bug free
Immunized from bacteria, and worms of the tree
Money that i have to earn with day and night sweat
Would have flowed with addition of ls, rm and cat

There is only one exit and i am dead
die won't print, last words of my head
What i log, archive and store
Left here to be plundered by whores

One thing 's for sure ..
My life 's a million line code

March 01, 2007

Apocalypse Now

There are some movies which you think are brilliant, well made and well enacted but at the same time abstruse, profound and difficult to fathom. Apocalyse Now is one such movie for me ! The best part of the movie according to me was the title song with 'This is the end..' with Martin Sheen's head upside down. I guess I should have seen the rest of the movie with my head upside down :D