August 24, 2006


I finally relented and succumbed to the pressure and went for a 10 pm Omkara show yesterday. I was wrongly presuming Omkara to be a tear-jerking loser's story which would leave me fuming in the end. Yeah it has a tragic end but perhaps since I knew it beforehand I was quite prepared for it! And yes Omkara lives upto all the rave reviews it has fetched. The clear winner is definitely Saif Ali Khan who looks very convincing in his role of the wily Langda Tyaagi. He mumbles all those expletives with ease and dons a look that resembles a UP thug the most. Kareena Kapoor manages to look ethereal and somehow I feel whenever she tones down her make up she has the capability to weave magic. Ajay Devgun is his normal self with the silent intense look. Konkana Sen is one lady who can perform any role with aplomb. She looks as rustic as her husband-in-the-movie Saif. After seeing her 15th Park Avenue and many other movies I have no doubt about her histrionics. The director has done a wonderful job too with the sets and the extras all looking like straight out of UP. And yes all those gaalis in chaste hindi were difficult to fathom. But ont thing I failed to empathize in the movie was the jealousy factor of Omkara in the movie. He did not seem to have definite reason to commit the heinous crime. I feel there should have been more reasons for Omkara to cast aspersions on his beloved's character and to label her as infidel. Nevertheless a must watch movie.

August 22, 2006

Chronicles of Elizia

1. Some things never change : Like the smile on your face upon nearing your hometown and the heaviness of heart when you have to leave it.
2. Home alone : After having a year of rocking time with roomies Sampada, Meghana, Deepa and Vaishali it's time for everyone else to move to their respective lives. Nevertheless I'd cherish the moments of non-stop boisterous laughter on the silliest possible jokes, the marathi speaking training, the movies on laptops, the marriage preparations and discussions, the Ayn Rand fan club, the elaborate mehendi sessions and the typical women talk that all men are alike they squander money they are least bothered and they are uber cool and care a damn when they should.
3. I love gyming : Weighloss or no weightloss I am in love with the office gym. It enlivens me after a hectic day.
4. Sabke baaratein aayi : Close friends around me are beginning to move to the second phase of one's life.
5. I have a dream : Someday I want to construct an old-age home for the aged people. When a person falls sick at a young age he generally has his family to fall back upon and to take care of him but the old people are abandoned to deal with their decrepitude on their own. It baffles me sometimes how people dump their very own parents. I dream to provide a shelter to such senile people.
6. Who is John Galt ? Yes, I am deep into Ayn Rand's another magnum opus 'The Atlas Shrugged'. I share a love hate relationship with her protagonists. I loathe them as I fail to fathom their whims and fancies - I cant apprehend why a lady should annihilate the professional path of the very man she loves and sleep with his rivals, a la The Fountainhead. But I secretly love her characters for what they are. Dagny Taggart is my latest obsession.