April 10, 2006


So I finally gave up! Long since I've avoided watching Haasil and I had been able to hold on myself despite peer pressures. My reason to go against the tide - ahem nothing :D. But I finally succumbed to it on Friday.(Ok, wait I dint succumb completely as I watched it half by half on 2 consecutive days.) But I must admit even before watching the movie I knew the dialogues by heart (courtesy the iitk gang in general and one mister shady in particular.) And the movie dint turn out as silly as I thought it would be - probably the hooplah and the learned dialogues played a crucial role in my climbdown. But hats off to Irfaan Khan - I like artists. Tumko yaad rakhenge guru hum !


Pallavi said...

aap hindi movies bhi dekh rahe ho.. :)

Nishit said...

welcome to Haasil fan club :)

Shady said...

I tell ya .. it's one hell of a movie .... though goodfellas is my personal favourite .... but this strikes the dumb chord running in the not-so-grey area of mine