December 25, 2010

Veggie Pasta

(Recipe courtesy my sis-in-law.)

Serves 2
You would need:
Two cups boiled Penne pasta (add salt while boiling)
2 Tbsp Black Olives
3 Tbsp coarsely chopped sun dried tomatoes
3 Tbsp water soaked artichokes
3 Tbsp Tomato Puree
1 small red onion finely chopped
1 green pepper finely chopped
1 tbsp ketchup
some minced garlic
Spices : Oregano , black pepper , salt , red pepper flakes
3 Tbsp Olive oil

Method :
Set pan on high flame, add oil
Add onions , saute it for a minute.
Add green peppers , saute it for a minute.
Add : olive , sun dried tomatoes, artichokes , garlic , oregano - a pinch.
When veggies look done, add ketchup , puree, salt, mix it well for half a minute
Add boiled Penne pasta
mix it well. cover it and simmer it for 5 minutes.

Serve topped with parmesan cheese(optional)