December 18, 2009

Birthday gift

Adi prepared halwa at midnight trying to pretend that he didnt remember my birthday but I checked his mailbox and he had already ordered a gift :P. Amber & Shruti paid a surprise visit to our house at 12 am. I really appreciated their efforts, the absolutely yummy cake and the gifts. But the most touching present that came from them was a placard which had some simple words written on it "chase your dreams". I sometimes feel friends can read your mind without having to speak or explain anything to them. Needless to say I really loved it.

March 13, 2009

Raju Srivastava Sholay

Absolutely ROTFL =))

Raju Srivastava

One of the favorite timepass at our house especially when Amber (Adi's friend) is also around is to watch Raju Srivastava shows. So much so that I think we have watched all of his videos available on you tube. But after watching this one I couldnt stop tears in my eyes laughing. Enjoy !

January 18, 2009

And I just love

A spick and span house and a spotless kitchen. Kudos to my hubby :P