May 30, 2006

Pallavi's quote

In Kanpur Pallavi had a poster of Swami Vivekananda on her desk in the lab with a message -
'Great minds discuss ideas, mediocre minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.
Somehow I just remembered it today and felt like reiterating it.

May 26, 2006

Orange juice, butter milk and mango icecream

TGIF and I'm already in the mood. I suddenly realized that for quite some time I have been following this schedule - orange juice and idlis in the morning, butter milk in the afternoon, egg patis in the evening, khichdi at night, Veg crunchie pizaa whenever I go to Pizza Corner, mango icecream when I go to Corner House, PVR whenever I want to watch a movie, poha whenever we roomies prepare breakfast at home, papad whenever I prepare dinner, the same playlist whenever I switch on my headphones, 12 to 8 sleep on the weekdays, the same hush rush to catch the cab in the morn at 8.30, calling up parents every night talking the same things, the same old orkut whenever I want to pass some time online, the same set of friends whenever I want of freak out, the same leg pullings (esp in the VRCE gang) whenever we meet, the same questions kaam kaisa chal raha hai shaadi kab kar rahi/raha hai whenever I speak to a distant friend, the same rush at 10 p.m to get back home, and so on. Not that I am complaining but let me try change the mango icecream with cool casatta sometime!

May 25, 2006

After life

I had a dream last night in which I died. After that I was taken to room full of fleecy silvery clouds. From a huge magnificent doorway God appeared and He asked me to choose one defining moment out of my entire life in which I would like to be frozen till eternity. And I patly replied that I want to be frozen in the moment in which I was surrounded by loved ones people whom I love and people who love me. And then I could see heart shaped red balloons and my loved ones. And then even in my sleep I felt so blessed and so happy that it felt like a paradise within paradise. I know it was a dream and I also do not beleive in after life. But when I woke up I knew one thing - the exhilaration of being surrounded by love was not a dream, it was real. Life is too short to requite and bestow love upon your near and dear ones, your friends, your family, your relationships. And you would never get a chance to be frozen till eternity after life with them. Hence always remember to tell them that you love them, care for them, do things for them, forgive them and try never hurt them.

May 17, 2006

Humesha tumko chaha

So when you have lots of work to be done but are dependent upon others before the thing gets wrapped up what do you expect to do - yeah blog!
So after a long time I grabbed some hindi songs to be played on my headphones notably from movies of recent past. I'm listening to 2 songs of Devdas in infinite loop right now - Humesha Tumko chaha and Silsila ye chahat ka. Talking of Devdas, I detest it downrightly. I didnt watch the movie in theatre but was forced to watch it once while traveling from Pune to Nagpur by bus. I hate the loser attitude so shamelessly glorified in the movie in the name of love. I beleive that love is much more than simply make a fool out of yourself. I also hate the mountain like ego the two had and the circumstances which led to Paro's marriage. And more than that I hate bacchanalia that Devdas indulges into after losing Paro. Jeez..Grow up! Imagine a 30 yr old strapping man overnight turns boozehound and debilitates himself and finally loses his life for what he thinks is love. I need a break! Nevertheless the songs of the movie are quite refreshing. I especially like Humesha tumko chaha. Shreya Ghoshal has done complete justice to the number. It smells of guileless, unconditional love that refuses to die down in your soul despite all odds for which you are ready to abdicate all worldly pleasures. Listen to the lines woh har ek pal mein dil mein samaye mein le jaa rahi hun and the haunting lines aur chaha chaha chaha bus chaha chaha chaha. They come as a stark contrast to the one night stands and the dumping of bfs/gfs for 'better' prospects that happens so rampantly these days. The love in the song so austere and so immaculate that it moves my heart. The lines O preetam o preetam bina tere mere is jivan mein kuch bhi nahi mean so much. Oh this is what you call double standards ;)!

May 15, 2006

Shades of wisdom

There are 2 kinds of people on this earth - those who only talk about their problems create a rumpus and ho hallah to gain sympathy and those who never talk about their problems cogitate over resolving them silently and work on them. I want to be a part of the latter.

May 08, 2006

Sleight of hand

The best thing that I like about weekends is the small 'walk to remember' that I have in the park nearby. If in Blore you just want to spend your time sitting back relaxed in the bosom of the soil watching the sun and the stars then you need to do a reality check. The malls are so disgustingly overcrowded that the air becomes fraught the whiff of your neighbor's sweat. Add to that the traffic is so maddening for the poor roads to withstand that you sometimes wish you had wings! Nevertheless there is a small park near my abode which brings me closer to nature and give me time to relax and indulge in some pschyobabble. During one such walks last weekend I was ruminating over the key to happiness in a person's life. After a few sessions of deliberations in my mind I came to the conclusion that the secret lies in your hand - literally! Many a times in life we cling upon people, desires, thoughts, dreams, relationships, friendships for our survival and hang onto them as our liberator and hold them tight with our fists closed. Failure or separation from our so called liberators is very difficult to come to terms with when our fists are closed. I see it as a rope in our hand which we think would end in bliss and if the rope is stretched a bit too far or is pulled away from us and we tightly cling upon it, it would only result in bleeding of our hands. I'm not advocating not having dreams, desires, relationships, friendships for they form an important part of our existance and distinguish us from machines. But hold the rope lightly in your hand. Enjoy the time when you have the rope in your hand as a blessing. Remember nothing lasts forever. Let go of things. The key to happiness lies in the sleight of your hands.