April 05, 2006

Desperate 'non' Housewife

Samapada is in blore for a few days before she shunts back to US again and with her she has got something which I've been desperately waiting for - more episodes of the American soap opera 'Desperate Housewives'. I like to watch this angrezi masala melodrama about the lives of people in the neighborhood. The best part about it is the narration of the events and the inline comments by a dead lady. Infact I just love the comments and at times they are indeed thought provoking. Sample - Why do we always discriminate people as the good and the bad - this is because we hate to admit that the good and the bad parts can actually co-exist. Another touching one was about fathers in the world - how they do things that get unnoticed by us. Hmm.. I'm now waiting for tonight to watch more episodes.

1 comment:

Nishit said...

News says that desperate housewives would be legally available for download according to disney. so enjoy!!!

BTW, you seem fan of puns and you're indeed good at it. my personal favourites are Haa-Silly and Femme-fat-tale :))