January 13, 2007


I'm looking forward to - Going home, finally :D
I hate - Fools!
I loved some amazing movies I saw recently - Godfather -1,2 (Al Pacino rocks!! I did not like it when I saw it first!), Psycho- 1,2, The Departed, The Pursuit of Happyness, Hide and Seek, The Seige, The Prestige
I am tired of - Long weekends! Arghh
I am happy with - My all new play list - Free falling lover, hanging by a moment, turn the page, sexy back, lonely day, et all
I am in awe of - Perl (still :D)
I feel disappointed by - The system!
I wish I had a - credit card (I cant believe after having dozens of pestering calls everyday and filling up the forms thrice I still couldnt procure it!)
I am reading - The Bhagwad Gita (I am particularly happy reading this.), Atlas Shrugged (my never ending saga)
I have bought - one little black skirt for the new year eve only to discover upon reaching the venue that it was not so little!
I had a very satiating lunch after long - Methi bhaji, Chapati, Masoor ki daal, Rice, Butter :D
I am touched by - Acts of kindness!
I am addicted to - my headphones.
I cannot survive without - Mehendi on my hair!
I watch a lot of - Southpark - I finished one season :D
I wanted to go to - Waynaad, Kerela :(
I miss - Italian Pasta at Ice Spice near IITK.
I read gossips about - Abhi-Aish wedding. They indeed make a hot couple!
I cant sleep - with tubelights on :(
I make the use of my pen the most - during meetings - I can draw so well :D
I find funny - Guys with ponytails :P
I find funnier - cringing sycophants esp following a girl
I feel blessed - after a great night sleep
I eat a lot - I eat a lot
I drink a lot - Tea