December 03, 2012

You know you are about to graduate

when ....
  1. Your travel schedule spells CRAZY
  2. You come to the lab only to go to the gym :|
  3. You start enjoying the process of giving talks.
  4. You can give a talk about your research in your sleep.
  5. You start adding your labmates and your advisor on linkedin
  6. When you have a job! (May be this should be the first point)
  7. You are finally cooking like crazy at home
  8. You are barely working :P
  9. When your periods of absence from the lab is greater than all the other years combined.
  10. When you realize the difference between an accepted paper and a great paper.
  11. When you always have a paper ready to submit to a conference, most likely recycled from previous rejections.
  12. When your advisor no longer pushes you for any work be it meetings or research.
  13. When you prepare a list of things to do and it does not contain work but contains a list of places to visit.
  14. When you finally start visiting nooks and corners of your campus.
  15. When your parents come to visit you.
  16. When you start clicking photos of your campus.
  17. When you finally get the time to read books, watch movies in theatres, follow TV serials.
  18. When the biggest activity of your day is the gym :P
  19. When you are available on chat from multiple accounts :D
  20. When you are embarrassingly the first person to like your friends FB posts.
  21. When it takes you two weeks to write what you'd have ideally written in two hours.
  22. When you write blogs like this :P