September 29, 2005

The Saga Of Life

My attempt at a doggerel -

As I stretch myself in this cosy chair,
I can feel the morning at me stare,
As I fake to fixate and not give a care,
I can hear the hollow wind's blare,
As I close my eyes the cold night gives me a scare,
I ask myself 'Is Life Fair ?'

Life's a march from cradle to grave,
And behold! you will wave,
You fight for your place under the Sun,
One day you get all the burn,
Surrounded by loved ones you always want,
One day they proceed for a forever jaunt,
Youth and wealth you brag about,
One day they slyly leave you without a doubt.

Life is a march from cradle to grave,
And sweetheart you have to be brave,
Life is a bless, it's not a mess,
So shake up and feel the wind caress,
Wake up to the Sun's warm,
And see the rain in the green farm,
See joy in misery and beauty in pain,
Happy be always and never complain!

September 27, 2005

The Skeleton Key in The Longest Yard

Shady forgot his apartment key with one of his roomies and we had a difficulty getting it back from the office due to the maddenning traffic at past 7.
Saw the above 2 movies this weekend and liked em too. The Skeleton Key is about an unsuspecting girl entering a household to help a dying sick old man and then getting trapped herself. Although, I didnt like the ending as I'm used to hunky dory potboilers from bollywood, the movie had an overall good affect.
The Longest Yard is also a cool movie. Its about a footballer organizing a game of prisoners against the guards. Mast movie...go watch it!

September 22, 2005

Mamma I'm coming home

It is one of the most gruelling times for my family as the worst ever health crisis has broken out in which nobody has been spared. I really really want to be home - by my Mamma's side helping her make the chapatis as she gives rest to her shoulder, by my sisters side giving her comfort from the many times overexhaustion that she is facing, by my brother's side helping him with his studies by the time he recovers, by my father's side pushing him to go for exercising and showing him to some good doctor and ofcourse by my nani's side just putting my hand over her forehead just like the way she used to do for me. Oh Nani, I'm missing you so much and want to be by your side.

September 21, 2005

Femme 'Fat' tale

Every girl I know seems to be perturbed about layers of excessive adipose tissue! Juhi, I remember, used to eat in measured quantities and crib about her 'ascending' weight. 'Girl'friends in IITK were also concerned about their increasing girth. My roommates have also decided to have some workout sessions to attack the problem. Meanwhile, even I think sometimes that I'm bloating. With this sedentary lifestyle and calorie-loaded spicy diet I am bound to turn from a gourmet to a gourmand. Nevertheless, I haven't taken any corrective measures so far to counterbalance my corpulance.

September 14, 2005

Of Mondays and Tuesdays!

So on a Wednesday finally the news got out about Meghana Monday marrying Anup Tuesday (oops Rupesh Nasre!) on a Sunday. It feels so nice to see people around you falling in love and culminating their relationship in the eternal knot. Meanwhile I'll continue pulling Meghana's legs :)

September 11, 2005

I got my first real six string!!

And I indeed played it till my fingers hurt. Yea have joined guitar classes and all I am interested in learning right now is holding the guitar! The drillmaster asked me the first day about my radical stimulus for taking the plunge and I turned my head towards shady :).
Btw, saw Salaam Namaste on saturday with the VRCE crew and due to unavoidable circumstances have to bear it again today. Also to keep my weekend at forum record going saw Cindrella Man with my Cindrella Man!

September 04, 2005

Weekend Updates

TGIF was fine albeit I was there on the dance floors for not more than an hour. Dancing (rather moving to the music!) reminded me of IITK. It was fun in IITK to let your hair down and shake a leg or two at the mass disco brawl. TGIS turned out well too although I admit the pizza could have been better. Nevertheless it was fun to meet the gang - met Pallavi(finally!) and Anshu too :). Sunday was another funday. Watched yet another movie 'Pyar mein twist' to keep my weekend at forum record going.
And finally today is Abu's surgery. Although it is a minor surgery from a doctor's viewpoint, ask a sister about the apprehensions she is undergoing.

September 02, 2005

Change of stomping site

As per slimshady's plead/request/threat/warning eliza e buzz shifts here. This would be the new place from now on to talk about my diurnal adventures and confessions. To begin with today we have the TGIF (for the uninitiated - Thank God Its Friday! ) party in office. But more than that I am looking forward to TGIS (Thank God Its Saturday!) party tomorrow. We (me n the IITK gang in blore) are planning to saute pizza tomorrow for Anshu's B'day. I am more than over-confident of being able to pull up something palatable. But gals n guys check out tomorrow!