September 01, 2006

Some things I love

* Reading blogs of friends
* A shower after the gym
* Sabudana khichdi
* MLTR - 25 Minutes
* White butter
* Scripting languages
* Impulsive shopping in a sale
* GNR - November Rain
* Stone cold guys in movies a la Client Eastwood (El Bruno..) and Johnny Depp (Pirates..-I)
* Giving demonstrations of my culinary skills at home
* Listening to songs in infinite loop
* Applying mehendi to my hair on Sundays
* Caring friends
* Strong-at-heart people
* GNR - Sweet child o mine
* Preparing a full meal
* Applying Lipstick
* Reading a long email
* Bheege hoth tere (Murder)
* VRCE gang get togethers (yeah I hate being the target though :( )
* Flat floaters
* A good manager
* The all girlie mehfils at home discussing the man in your life
* The stretches and abs taught by my gym instructor
* Long bike rides on traffic free roads as a pillon rider
* Honest people. (may their tribe increase!)
* Preparing a things to do list
* People working despite the rotten system (a la Chandrashekar the ex-Commisioner of Ngp who changed the face of Ngp)
* Dance like noone's watching
* Vising VNIT and talking to Moghe sir when in Nagpur
* Amitabh movies from the 70s era
* An unexpected call from a long lost friend
* The irrepressible happiness on the face of friends after marrying their loved ones (a la Meghana)
* Watching videos of songs
* Steffi Graf
* Sleeping on my mom's lap
* Watching old photos
* Skirts
* Cloudy sky with lots of wind
* Pani puri
* Anshu applying mehendi on my hand
* Listening to love stories of friends
* Outings with the IITK gang (esp the Antakshiri and Dumb Cs)
* My family
* Watching the first rain after summer
* Reading a paper
* A freebie won
* Shady's monkey business
* Women of substance (kinda Indira Nooyi, Kajol, etc)
* Chatting with mom at home
* India winning a rare medal in Olympics
* Creating a neat UI
* Wearing a saree on rare ocassions ofcourse!
* Listening to people sing (as I cant :( )
* Nagpur roads
* Mango shake
* Shopping for home
* Rahul Dravid
* Long hair
* Festivals esp the food
* Shahrukh Khan in DDLJ
* Weekend sleeps without the alarm
* Atlas Shrugged (couldnt help but mention again)
* A free T-shirt
* A Smile
* A warm hug
* Shady


Pallavi said...

Oh My God.
aur kuch bachaa nahi kya?? :)
You would have written what you hate rather what you love as that might be very small list to write and small for us to read. :)
I too love few of the things that you have written. :)

Nishit said...


Nice to see Steffi Graff fan. Long time since she retired and his fan following has gone to hibernation. Saw her today at Agassi's match. She is as beautiful as she used to be. Awesome match too..!!!

Anonymous said...

Comments after ==

* Reading blogs of friends == timepass/time waste

* A shower after the gym == or else ur roomies mite fall unconcious

* Sabudana khichdi == either it's easy to make or doesnt need cooking

* MLTR - 25 Minutes = i wonder why the guy named is 25 minutes ... and not 30 min only to round off the whole damn thing

* White butter == no comments only x-(

* Scripting languages == say thanks

* Impulsive shopping in a sale == oops

* GNR - November Rain == video or audio

* Listening to songs in infinite loop == theoritically speaking u cant listen to anything in an infinite loop :p .. unless u change some definitions or defy laws of nature

* Applying mehendi to my hair on Sundays == hair or hand

* Strong-at-heart people == means all those who neer got heart attack ... must be 90% of earth's population

* GNR - Sweet child o mine == good choice

* Applying Lipstick == once in a year

* Steffi Graf == she rocks but not with that ganju

* Sleeping on my mom's lap == how old r u

* Watching old photos == old as in age or as in look .

* Pani puri == or gol gappa =))

* Rahul Dravid == barbaad aadmi

* Shahrukh Khan in DDLJ == loser no1

* Shady == hmm .. good choice