May 26, 2006

Orange juice, butter milk and mango icecream

TGIF and I'm already in the mood. I suddenly realized that for quite some time I have been following this schedule - orange juice and idlis in the morning, butter milk in the afternoon, egg patis in the evening, khichdi at night, Veg crunchie pizaa whenever I go to Pizza Corner, mango icecream when I go to Corner House, PVR whenever I want to watch a movie, poha whenever we roomies prepare breakfast at home, papad whenever I prepare dinner, the same playlist whenever I switch on my headphones, 12 to 8 sleep on the weekdays, the same hush rush to catch the cab in the morn at 8.30, calling up parents every night talking the same things, the same old orkut whenever I want to pass some time online, the same set of friends whenever I want of freak out, the same leg pullings (esp in the VRCE gang) whenever we meet, the same questions kaam kaisa chal raha hai shaadi kab kar rahi/raha hai whenever I speak to a distant friend, the same rush at 10 p.m to get back home, and so on. Not that I am complaining but let me try change the mango icecream with cool casatta sometime!


Pallavi said...

waah!! Waah..:)

Alistair D'souza said...

next time I will pull hand instead of leg.. ok..

Bala said...

or u cud get a "limb transplant" and then we wud hv a "new leg" to pull!! ;)

p.s. u 4got to mention same old bf to torture every day!! :)