May 17, 2006

Humesha tumko chaha

So when you have lots of work to be done but are dependent upon others before the thing gets wrapped up what do you expect to do - yeah blog!
So after a long time I grabbed some hindi songs to be played on my headphones notably from movies of recent past. I'm listening to 2 songs of Devdas in infinite loop right now - Humesha Tumko chaha and Silsila ye chahat ka. Talking of Devdas, I detest it downrightly. I didnt watch the movie in theatre but was forced to watch it once while traveling from Pune to Nagpur by bus. I hate the loser attitude so shamelessly glorified in the movie in the name of love. I beleive that love is much more than simply make a fool out of yourself. I also hate the mountain like ego the two had and the circumstances which led to Paro's marriage. And more than that I hate bacchanalia that Devdas indulges into after losing Paro. Jeez..Grow up! Imagine a 30 yr old strapping man overnight turns boozehound and debilitates himself and finally loses his life for what he thinks is love. I need a break! Nevertheless the songs of the movie are quite refreshing. I especially like Humesha tumko chaha. Shreya Ghoshal has done complete justice to the number. It smells of guileless, unconditional love that refuses to die down in your soul despite all odds for which you are ready to abdicate all worldly pleasures. Listen to the lines woh har ek pal mein dil mein samaye mein le jaa rahi hun and the haunting lines aur chaha chaha chaha bus chaha chaha chaha. They come as a stark contrast to the one night stands and the dumping of bfs/gfs for 'better' prospects that happens so rampantly these days. The love in the song so austere and so immaculate that it moves my heart. The lines O preetam o preetam bina tere mere is jivan mein kuch bhi nahi mean so much. Oh this is what you call double standards ;)!

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Nishit said...

Talking about love, you are cent-percent right. Love is something which bestows happiness onto you, not the sadness. Pure love is what takes you to something called eternal joy. Well, that would need an essay here, but let's come back to point. :)

Devdas is not to be watched for a lovestory. When I first heard brief story of Devdas, I thought "phew.. what a loser..". Even Sharadchandra admits, it's not one of his best work. On the other hand, purely movie basis, Devdas was grand, it depicted intensity, passion of a lover (which is not necessarily right). If you just don't evaluate it in practical terms or evaluate it with true love, it would mean something different for you. A surrealistic movie. Try to feel the pain. I don't say he doesn't deserve the pain, but put that apart and try it one more time (if you have enough courage to tolerate whole movie *again* :) ), and let me know