February 21, 2006

Some things I hate

Last night I couldnt sleep due to mosquitos providing some not so lovely music to my ears. So I started thinking on things that annoy me the most and that make my blood boil (apart from mosquitos ofcourse). Here I come up wih my list -

* A woman being raped. A rapist.
* Me knowing I cant help.
* Bangalore Traffic.
* A stomach upset.
* 47 degree centigrade temperatures.
* Indian Politicians.
* Pretensions.
* Jallianwala Bagh massacre.
* Ekta Kapoor's nonsense k-sagas.
* People mailing trash on newsgroups .
* Sleepless nights.
* Negligent doctors.
* Patients wrongly blaming doctors for a death.
* People smoking at public places.
* Bollywood idiotic movies wasting positive artists.
* Bollywood idiotic heros/heroines wasting positive scripts.
* Me positively watching movies containing the above 2.
* Old age.
* Show offs.
* Unavailable railway reservation when I want to go home.
* Terrorists killing innocent people.
* People talking behind your back.
* Abu Ghraib prison and many such other barbaric places of western torture.
* People not writing good documentation for their code.
* The hubris of the western world.
* spams.
* People taking dowry and killing daughter-in-laws.
* Harrassing daughter-in-laws / mother-in-laws.
* Boys/girls wasting their time over not interested girls/boys.
* Rampant corruption.
* Office lunch.
* Indian cricket team losing to Pak (if at all :D)
* Jealousy.
* Death.
* Rain when I need to get back to my house at 10 p.m.
* Dirty loos.
* People talking only about themselves.
* My computer security marks :D
* Companies delaying joining of freshers due to recession.
* Inefficent police and subsequently tainted judiciary.
* Sluggish dial up net access.
* Pestering land lords.
* Time's fleece.
* No space for parking.
* Chatu people.
* Me getting annoyed over petty issues.


Pallavi said...

Oh My God!!!!!! Hats off to your memory..:)
don't remember even a single one that you wrote after reading such a big list..
u forgot to write 0 degree cold also.. :) :)

Hiren said...

That's a marathon list. You have mentioned nothing on blogs. You like all blogs? Lucky me

Alistair D'souza said...

* A woman being raped. A rapist.
* Me knowing I cant help.
who said you can't help.... society creates the crimes, criminals commit it... you can help if you want to.... look around... do your bit..

* Juhi's night duties.
Please elucidate :-)

* Old age.

* Boys/girls wasting their time over not interested girls/boys.
I think friendship is the first step.. then you have to find your place... I guess if you jump in directly when you don't really know the other person then you might have a problem...

* Terrorists killing innocent people.
the problem is that ppl think that whatever they are doing is correct... everyone thinks they are the good guys... I'm not saying that killing is correct.... but there is a sequence of events that leads to this state of mind...

* Companies delaying joining of freshers due to recession.
Well I guess you have to look at it from the point of view of the company too.... they need money to run.... and then its a give and take relationship....

Bala said...

hmm y exactly 47 degree celsius?!.. not more not less!! ;)

i was almost sure i wud find myself on ur list.. but luckily no!! :)