March 17, 2006

Going home...

I have a lot of unfinished tasks to complete but since the past few days I am not feeling like doing anything at all. Dont know whether this indolence is interrelated with my release getting over or with the realization that I would be home in a few days. Yeah, I am going home after a long time and I am very much looking forward to the much needed break. Lots of epics have happened in my life since my last visit - things that I hate to recapitulate. Also once again I am basking in solitude and looking for things to keep me busy in the weekend. Generally I witness a lot of hustle and bustle in the weekends. My week was quiet too this time except for a VRCE get together yesterday for Bala's 'Team A' birthday bash. I am bored beyond doubt today and I need to find out something to do to fight tedium in the coming weekend too. My roommate would also not be at home and so the plot thickens. May be my anxiety to get home is making the wait miserable. Things I can do to make myself busy -
* Come to the office - yeah and debug my code
* Go shopping - yeah I am going home and I hate to go empty handed
* Meet Anshu and Pallavi - yeah long since I've had a hearty chat
* Meet aunty - she would be surprised to watch me on a sunday back to back.
* Go to Meghana's place - and eat the chocs rupesh has got
* Read a novel - will need to dig Samapada's cupboard :d
* Pack my bag - wednesday is not far away!
* Watch crash - Yeah I am all alone but it would be a different experience :)
* Sleep - ahem lets see
* Call up people throughout the day - and bloat my bill
* Clean up the house - I am not so gharelu :(
* Indulge into extravagant cooking - but cooking only for oneself gets boring at times na :(
* Draw sketches - yeah long ago I had bought myself a book
* Get shady's guitar and and have a jamming session - ahem ah err
* Look for books - abu might need some at home
* Read C/C++/Perl/Java etc - not my types :(

Chalo time to catch the cab! Happy weekend folks! Hope this week ends soon ;)


Anonymous said...

Go shopping
bacch gaya

- shnel

Alistair D'souza said...

happy holidaying Jayama.... :-)

Pallavi said...

jaya dearie, tum is list se kitne kaam kiya?? :) hmm..yaa..we didn't meet after somany days and also we couldn't make this weekend too..Hope to see you after coming from home..:) Happy Holidays..:)
was looking at ur blog everyday and waiting for new post to comment.. :) and today I got the chance.. :)

Alistair D'souza said...

well... its not spicy so to speak... but will try to blog it before you leave...

Alistair D'souza said...

Jayama... there its done....

Also this incident happened on Sunday...