January 31, 2006

Am I high, am I ?

The day is sunny and bright,
The warmth of kindled fire gives me light,
I look outside the window and feel dew drops on snow white,
Random thoughts on my mind are very trite,
Life it seems is just alright.

The fruit I had belonged to Adam's tree,
And the panacea dissolved my misery,
It opened stairways to bliss and I flew carefree,
Is this real or mirage I see ?
May this evanescent moment freeze I plea.

Swinging trees, winds humming in its sway,
The merry dance had its play,
Green moss on stone has come to stay,
The azure ocean seems calmer far from bay,
The thin line between black and white has tinge of gray.

Can you take me farther ?
Where the sea forever embraces the sky.
Can you take me higher ?
So I see the moon pursue the earth in an endless try.
Can you take me deeper ?
To a place where no secrets pry.
Can you make me stronger ?
So that the bond does never die.


Nishit said...

It seems you're on highly volatile up-down emotional journey through your life. It was good to read the poem at positive peak of your emotions. I still wanted to say something on deleted article, but uh... never mind.

Slimshady said...

nice blogging ... raw poser emnates. HE writes well

Pallavi said...

very nice one dearie..:)

Anshu said...

You look ecstatic. I too wish the evanescent moment freezes for you.

Eliza said...

Nah if you read between the lines it is not ecstasy.. infact it eeks slight melancholy... i guess i have not done my homework well :P ... its a longing for something somewhere someday...

Alistair D'souza said...

she who wanders is not lost....