September 27, 2005

The Skeleton Key in The Longest Yard

Shady forgot his apartment key with one of his roomies and we had a difficulty getting it back from the office due to the maddenning traffic at past 7.
Saw the above 2 movies this weekend and liked em too. The Skeleton Key is about an unsuspecting girl entering a household to help a dying sick old man and then getting trapped herself. Although, I didnt like the ending as I'm used to hunky dory potboilers from bollywood, the movie had an overall good affect.
The Longest Yard is also a cool movie. Its about a footballer organizing a game of prisoners against the guards. Mast movie...go watch it!

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Nishit said...

har weekend, movie weekend eh? :-)

auntieji kabhi kabhi for a change hamare blog par nazar daaliye. recently have added a post about my weekend trip to a nearby beach with pics.