September 02, 2005

Change of stomping site

As per slimshady's plead/request/threat/warning eliza e buzz shifts here. This would be the new place from now on to talk about my diurnal adventures and confessions. To begin with today we have the TGIF (for the uninitiated - Thank God Its Friday! ) party in office. But more than that I am looking forward to TGIS (Thank God Its Saturday!) party tomorrow. We (me n the IITK gang in blore) are planning to saute pizza tomorrow for Anshu's B'day. I am more than over-confident of being able to pull up something palatable. But gals n guys check out tomorrow!

1 comment:

Slimshady said...

it sud be guys n gals and not gals n guys ...

Palatable pizzas i really doubt but still plead to god to save the wondrous souls to get victimized by this pizza baking demon

victimized due to unstated and thought off reasons .. OHT ho gaya ab mere bhi