September 22, 2005

Mamma I'm coming home

It is one of the most gruelling times for my family as the worst ever health crisis has broken out in which nobody has been spared. I really really want to be home - by my Mamma's side helping her make the chapatis as she gives rest to her shoulder, by my sisters side giving her comfort from the many times overexhaustion that she is facing, by my brother's side helping him with his studies by the time he recovers, by my father's side pushing him to go for exercising and showing him to some good doctor and ofcourse by my nani's side just putting my hand over her forehead just like the way she used to do for me. Oh Nani, I'm missing you so much and want to be by your side.


Nishit said...

koi gal nahi jee.. sab thik ho jaayega.. Hope for the best.. ALL THE BEST!!

Eliza said...

Thanks bhanju you have been as sweet as ever.. :)