July 20, 2012


Hubby dear's friends/lab mates/ex-roomates/classmates/co-workers/family members all know about his penchant for solving puzzles and asking them. When we started going around, I was subjected to one puzzle a day until when I strongly protested :P. Whenever, we have a re-union of friends and his btech batchmates, the usual ritual is that they are subjected to solve puzzles, puzzles and more puzzles after a glass of beer. This time in Dec we were all up till 3 am in consecutive nights solving puzzles given by him. He maintains a blog on algorithms and puzzles to whet his appetite. However, today his puzzle solving obsession peaked a new height when I saw him talking to my Mom in the kitchen. He was making her solve a few of his usual puzzles :P What to say but that I married the cutest geek!

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