October 09, 2005

History calling

On sunday, I saw the Mysore palace. (The IITK gang went on a fun-filled Mysore expedition.) Come Dussera and the palace is decked up like a queen and the treat is worth watching. The palace facade resembled an old british building. The august murals and the exquisite paintings made the interiors magnificient. But this is not what attracted my attention. The moment I stepped into the palace a strange feeling crept into my mind. It felt quaint to think that not very long ago(some hundred year back) people like you and me lived there. They epitomized a bygone era which is much different from the contemporary age. I felt bizarre to witness the corridors, the throne, the pillars, the dressing room, the mirrors, etc. More so because of the realization that I would be a part of history someday too!
Btw, the trip was too much of fun with antakshiri, dumb charades, elephant rides, giant wheels, tora toras, columbus n all.


Slimshady said...

rite said buddy, esp the throne studded with diamonds, still shinning, remind us of the prestige and glory attached. Fine grained and meticulously done craftwork and inscribbings on the walls, pillars and doors gives us a awesome impression of the impeccable skillness of artisans of the era.

One thing which fascinates the most, is the visualization of the aristocracy, living standard of the kings .. the pomp and show attached even with their daily chores ... Their horse ride with a boastful chest, loaded with weapons .. with body guards around ... harems n all .... and the magnificient structures they live in and call "Sweet home"

Indeed small is beautiful but big is magnificient

Albert said...

Wow ... an amazing blog..was wondering how cud a geek like me never came across this stuff before...well written stuff jaya. Has it been like this with u alwayz or is it an impact of some slimshady in ur life