October 04, 2008

Bring it on!

After a mammoth splurge on winter wear (800$$), eliza feels all prepared for the winter and snow. Infact at this moment she is feeling very warm and cosy sitting on her pile of shopping. Went to the mall of america today which happens to be the biggest mall in the US. Spend an entire day hopping shops and picking up jackets, sweaters, warm shirts, gloves, caps, thermals, etc. So all you lords of frost and ice, bring it on!

PS1: Next on list snow boots and a big warm hat.
PS2: The mall is a wonderful place with fun rides, food stalls, and hundreds of shops.
PS3: The gobi aloo subji that I prepared today surprisingly tasted so good.
PS4: Someone please clean up the after mess. Oh how much I miss India and my cook.
PS5: Someone please do the bundle of laundry.
PS6: Someone please do my homework :(
PS7: Someone please do some preparation for my weekly advisor meeting.
PS8: Nishit would say I need twitter :D


Nishit said...

may be I wouldn't say it...


(long pause)

(really long pause)

but yes you DO need a twitter...

Mridul said...

you have been blogrolled !
now you cant run or hide :-P