February 25, 2008


Are we responsible for what we do ? responsible for what happens ? When is it that things slip out of our hands and reach a point of no return ? Or are they always in our hands ? I fail to answer this right now.


Nishit said...

You've really asked a tough question.

Can I go a little too behind in the time and quote Indian ancient scripture? It says, गहनो कर्मणा गति:| (Karma ki gati gahan hoti hai). You never know what you have done to deserve or not deserve a certain event in your life. Or if at all you are responsible for the same? My belief, from whatever little I know, is thus:

Whatever happens in your life, good or bad, is merely an interaction between you and universe, and it carries forward to the next life and thus the balance sheet goes on. Now this might create a debate on the topic of universe, God and rebirth, but I won't go into that for now, but within the limitations of my beliefs and disbeliefs, I believe in some pattern which can be summarized as above.

Nishit said...

ok, on the second read I realize that your question might be more at practical or real world level, but won't revert the already posted comment :)