January 20, 2008

Talking about status messages...

Our relationship started on yahoo messenger. For about six months, we used to chat incessantly for about 4 hours during the night on average. Adi had a unique way of expressing his thoughts as status messages on Yahoo messenger but never telling them directly to me. The messages were mainly lyrics of songs but I liked their usage.... So much that I still remember some of them and their context.

1. When we started chatting "Smells like teen spirit"

2. When one day I said I'll be back to chat but dint return for long "Oh oo she has taken the stairway to heaven"

3. In a flirtatious mood "We'll stand for love united come together undivided". I asked him whom is the status message for and pat came the reply "for my sister who just came online".. needless to say I dint trust him :P

4. When we had our first fight - "Crash tests dummies"

5. When we had a long long chat from 9 pm to 5 am and I got angry over something "Naraz savera hai"

6. Someday "Heal me I am heartsick"

7. Another fight "Careless whisper"

8. When the chats were getting addictive "You're like my fav damn disease"

9. And our first coffee date the one which floored me the most "And I hope those eyes dont steal my freedom"

10. When we first shook hands "Sleight of hand"

11. And when we started going around "I was stone her light made me star"

12. Later on "I'll be there for you These five words I swear to you"

And status message these days - blank :|


Pallavi said...

Last one is awesome. :P

Nishit said...

In _those_ days, when asked about status messages, your patidev straight away denied any meaning behind it and passed it as "just another song lyrics"

Eliza said...

ha ha.. you dint expect him to talk about a nascent relationship that could have gone either ways... did you ?

Anonymous said...

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