July 05, 2007

Great bong!

Excerpts from greatbong.net on Aap ka suroor -

"Himesh Reshammiya’s acting is a revelation. Just like his most exquisite works of music are but an assemblage of simple notes, his acting is also a composition of very elemental histrionic elements. First there is the constipated, eyes slitted intense look. Then there is the Angelina Jolie -Narasimha Rao pout which we are to believe make women go weak in the knees. And of course the passionate eye closing “passing-stool” expression. For variety, he also bites the air and sometimes preloads “expressions” on his face even before the dialogue that is supposed to trigger that expression has been spoken."

Oh man, I am already on the floor laughing!

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Pallavi said...

I wonder whether there are any people who go to theater to watch this movie. :)