July 06, 2006


So after reading all those rave reviews of Krish being phenomenal and unprecedental, I decided to check it out myself. And how did I find it ? Umm..ahh err the mask was indeed sexy and Hrithik did manage to look Adonis the greek hunk God in some of the scenes and the swashbuckling jumps did bring out the kid inside me and made me clap! But I dint want my superman to be wussy. I would have relished some more earth-saving histrionics from the macho man rather than see him wasted delivering mushy dialogues and leaving his hometown for the heck of a girl who dint even love him .. arghh .. bollywood will be bollywood afterall!


Pallavi said...

he..he..he..I thought of going to this movie. But I already read the story in news paper. :)

Nishit said...

:) Krrish may not be a big time as it's made out to be. but for me, I appreciate the effort (and money) Rakesh Roshan has put in to create by far best FX on Hindi celluloid

Bala said...

Kya yeh wahi Jaya hain?!! the one that weeped buckets when her Hritik Roashan covered notebook was defaced!! ;)