December 26, 2005


Well about some sanity first - I prepared whole dinner the day before yesterday which included rice, dal, baigan masala (mind you masala does not mean Everet Garam Masala)and not to forget good old chapati. Man it was a relief to have home made chapati after a long time. And girl! I have improved so much! Oooh my chapatis were looking so cute ! Long before I had disabandoned making chapatis after a major catastrophe. Dont know how suddenly the goddess of viand and victuals decided to smack some aroma and relish in the food. But let me add, overconfidence did me in - yesterday I had to do with some cauterized and carbonized cabbage.
Now not digressing further from the headline, let me talk about some insanity. With my code not working despite repeated attempts what else can you expect from me ?
On Sunday, I went to a theme/amusement park near Bangalore. Had a gala of time with the kanpur gang out here. There were lots of rides and it reminded me of good old bachpan days and sunday visits to the Ambajhari garden back home. Some of the rides at the park were grotesque and I freaked out in especially one. I was juxtaposed in a tiny chair and held to the chair with the aid of fibre bars. To fasten the bars further, a belt was tied to the seat. And then started the merry-go-round.(am wondering whether there should be a pace between merry and go round.) After a few rounds of merry my chair was turned upside down and I found myself hanging between life and death with the help of the fibre no it was the belt. For a second I felt what if belt opens or my body finds some space between the bars to obey Newton's garvitational pull - I would have a mighty fall then. And before I could recover from these random ramblings in my head I found myself upright again and my head hit the headrest with a big thud. And the process was repeated a few times. I am used to doing a lot of oohs and aahs in the rides, but found myself completely dumbfounded this time. Come think of it, what all can man do for his amusement, eh ? No wonder the ride was aptly named Insanity!

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Nishit said...

First of all congratulations!!! I am waiting for an invite someday to taste auntie's food. ghar ka khana aakhir ghar ka khana hota hai especially jab woh auntie ke haathon bana ho :-P