November 10, 2005

For the heck of it....

Yea I am indeed posting today just for the heck of it!

Trying hard to capture

the moment this morning I don't know
As I dream about movies

they won't make of me when I'm dead

I am just looking for some reasons to write a blog, so here's my list of 10 reasons why I should blog -
1. Me is alive and kicking(my own foot) after a great vacation at home, wherein I just did the mundane stuff - eating a lot and sleeping a lot !
2. I have had a holy haircut - holy because my hair now looks like a halo on my head.
3. Today is Friday the 11th (well if I add 2 more days it would have been the much feared friday the 13th)
4. My weight has reduced by 0.002 kgs and I am feeling much lighter.
5. The color of my mousepad is purple.
6. I have enough work to do hence I am pondering about some automated way of writing scripts without typing them.
7. The tubelight right above my head is on.
8. I just drank some water.
9. huff those are my 10 reasons (well almost!)

1 comment:

Nishit said...

1. great to know..!! welcome back
2. am dyin' to see your pic
3. if you just subtracted around 2000 years you'd land up where all this freaky friday stuff started.
4. this contradicts stmt in 1. unless you also say that you did some tricks to loose weight apart from eating a lot.
5. mine is black
6. how all software engineers are same in this thought. IT'S TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN TO GET TOGETHER AND GET KICKING..
7. both the window panes behind me are open.
8. for the sake of agreeing, I too did.
9. congrats!!!
10. congrat me for completing 10 replies inspite of only 9 things.